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APPEAL – 2022/2023

Vita Nova Centre is a residential facility in Springs. We cater for persons with Cerebral Palsy, Downe Syndrome, Autism and the physically and mentally challenged. Some of our children are blind, deaf and have HIV/AIDS.

At the moment we have 122 residents at the centre ranging from the age of 3 years and older, the oldest being 79 years old. They arrive at the centre with nothing and we provide them with toiletries, nappies, bedding and clothing. We give all our children lots of love and care, something they so desperately need and deserve!!

Most of our younger children are either abandoned or come from disadvantaged areas. All our residents are uneducable and will never be able to go out and earn a living for themselves. They will forever need care, love and assistance.

Vita Nova means “New Life”. To the more unfortunate, Vita Nova will be the only home they will ever know and we strive to make it as homely and as happy as possible.

Covid-19 put a huge financial strain on the centre as all donations stopped and fund-raising events had to be cancelled for the year.

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